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Looking to get personal loans in New Zealand ? Not sure how and where to personal loan? Then we can help. We have helped 1000’s of kiwis get personal loans with best rates ! 

Personal Loans

Personal Loan Types In New Zealand
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Applying for a personal loan is not easy and if you add current financial crisis in  the mix, it becomes much harder but not to worry, we are here to help you in every step of the way to get a personal loan in New Zealand. Please help us find the perfect lender for you by filling out the loan form below. 

Personal Loans


There are different types of personal loans available in New Zealand. Applying for the right type of loan will save you time and money. 


Finding the best personal loan rates is crucial when it comes to getting a loan. Getting this right will save you a lot of money in the long run. 


There are 100’s of personal loan companies in New Zealand. Finding the best loan company will save you a lot of headache. 

Save Time & Money

Let our team help you get personal loan you need. Trusted by 1000's of kiwis

In Time Of Need

Helping you get personal loan even if you have bad credit in the past or are on benefit. We have helped 1000’s of kiwis get small bad credit loans. Its simple if you have the right information and tips.  

Bad Credit Loans

Getting loans with bad credit is simple if you know the right loan company and the proper application process. We have helped kiwis get loans even with very bad credit.

Loans on benefit

There are only few companies that offer loans to kiwis who are on benefit and finding these companies is crucial. We have list of loan companies that offer personal loans to kiwis who are on benefit.

Unemployment Loans

Getting personal loans while unemployed is very complicated so knowing how and where to apply is crucial. Our team is here to help you with personal loans while you are unemployed.


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"Thank you for quick and easy information. I have never got personal loan before so was bit scared. Loan information and tips was very helpful in pointing me in the right direction "
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“The team at personal loans made the loan process seamless and non nerve wracking experience. Great free non biased information on how and where to get best rates”
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“I am so impressed with personal that I have already referred family and friends. So pleased with the information and guides ”
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“Wonderful experience! I've had so much help with getting personal loan in New Zealand. unbiased and friendly team to deal with. Highly recommended ”
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