Car Finance with Bad Credit in New Zealand

Car Finance with Bad Credit

Beginner Guide to

Bad Credit Car Loan

So you want to buy a car, but your credit isn’t the best. What can you do? You could try to find a bank or finance company that will give you an unsecured loan, but this can be risky if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. When it comes to bad credit car financing, there are other options available to you in New Zealand that can work better than any bank or private lender. In this guide, we will look at how to get bad credit car financing by considering the following points.

1. Car finance options for people with bad credit in New Zealand

If you’re buying a car for a friend or family member, and you are signing on the loan, it’s sure that banks will consider you to have some level of responsibility for repayment. This makes your credit rating an important factor when applying for a car loan with bad credit. So what are your options? you could try these car finance companies that offer bad credit car loans in New Zealand : 

1. Finance Now

2. First Choice Finance

3. MTF

4. UDC

5. GE Finance

2. Where to get bad credit car finance in New Zealand?

Regardless of whether you’ve been turned down for credit by every bank and finance company in New Zealand, or you’re just looking to find an affordable way to get a new car not everyone is entitled to a great car loan. That said there are still lenders that cater to customers who have blemished credit. The best place to start is

1. First Credit Limited

2. Car Finance 2 U

3. The Loan Arranger

4. National Finance

5. Car Finance Solutions

6. Bad Credit Car Finance


8. Drivers Choice

9. Ezycar finance

10. Car Loans New Zealand

If you don’t have one nearby, try searching online for car dealers that accept bad credits near me and see if any pop up. Even if they don’t offer financing options, they might know someone who does.

Also keep in mind that many bad credit car dealers operate their own financing arm—this can be a good option because it allows them to customize their loans to meet your needs. Finally, if all else fails, then consider contacting private moneylenders, they tend to charge high interest rates, but could still be worth it if you really need a car fast!

3. How to get bad credit car finance in New Zealand?

If you’re looking to get car loans for bad credit, it’s important to know what to expect. Not all auto dealers have your best interests at heart; some may charge you high fees or even refuse to give you financing on cars that are within your budget if they don’t like your credit history.

However, there are car dealers that accept bad credit and provide affordable auto loans for bad credit for people who need help rebuilding their credit rating.

These business partners work with people who have been turned down by other lenders, but they also understand that their reputation is at stake too; so they want you to be happy customers as well. Car dealers that accept bad credit can help you find a reliable vehicle while helping you build up your credit score over time. Once you’ve done that, here are three tips for getting approved:

  • Begin saving money right away.

  • Before visiting any dealerships, get pre-approved by a lender.

  • Before going car shopping, figure out how much you can afford. You’ll want to make sure you stick to your budget.

4. The best car loan options for people with bad credit in New Zealand

Bad credit car loans, bad credit car dealers and auto loans are all options if you know where to look. Auto financing for those who have low or no credit is still a booming business; just be sure to choose a reputable dealer. Auto loan options for poor credit include Flexi-loans, nationwide lenders, as well as specialists. Be sure to shop around and find a rate that best matches your needs and budget. Use Google search for getting the list of resources to help you get started on finding deals on car financing for bad credits in New Zealand today!

5. The worst car finance options for bad credit in New Zealand

While it’s true that there are bad credit car financing options for those who have less-than-desirable credit scores, a number of these options can be worse than no car finance at all. You might be surprised to learn, for example, that rent-to-own programs sometimes give you less flexibility and fewer rights than if you simply purchased your vehicle outright.

  • RTO cars are often expensive to repair and can cost thousands more than an equivalent purchased car.
  • If you’re struggling to get a loan for bad credit because of repossession or other issues, look into purchasing your next vehicle through private sales instead of getting a financing plan in place. This way, you know what your costs will be upfront.
  • For people with poor credit looking to purchase a new car, car loans for bad credits are available in New Zealand and they can help you drive away with exactly what you want without breaking your budget.

6. How to improve your credit score to get better car finance options in New Zealand?

Getting approved for car loan or auto finance should not be based on your credit score. Depending on your particular situation, you may find that auto loans for bad credit are a great option and provide more competitive rates than traditional financing. Luckily, there are several companies that offer auto loans for bad credit. Here are some steps to help you improve your score so you can get approved for better car financing options and drive away with your dream car!

  • Make sure all accounts are up-to-date. Your current balances should be accurate, and all past due information should be removed from your report.
  • Pay down any debt you have. If you’re currently carrying a balance on one or more credit cards, pay it off as quickly as possible to improve your score.
  • Close unused lines of credit. The more open lines of credit you have, the lower your score will be because creditors see that as riskier behaviour.
  • Don’t apply for new credit too often. If you’re approved for multiple lines of credit within a short period of time, your score will be negatively impacted.

7. The pros and cons of car finance for people with bad credit in New Zealand

The advantages of car financing for bad credit in New Zealand are obvious, it’s a loan with a lower interest rate than your credit card and it doesn’t have an annual fee. If you apply early enough, most dealerships will work with you on arranging payments or give you time to pay off your balance.

The downside is it can be tough to get approved for car finance for people with bad credit in New Zealand, and if you don’t have a good credit score and employment history, you may not qualify at all. 

8. 10 tips for getting the best car finance deal with bad credit in New Zealand

While bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t get a car loan, it does make the process trickier. If you have bad credit, your top goal should be to avoid paying any interest at all—that means getting the cheapest financing deal possible. Pay attention to these tips to make the journey easier

  • Shop around and don’t settle for just one lender: When you’re applying for car loans with bad credit, try to find as many lenders as possible so you can compare their offers side by side.

  • Don’t go beyond your budget: Even if one lender is offering an attractive deal, don’t let them talk you into something that’s too expensive or out of your reach financially.

  • Consider leasing rather than buying: leasing could help improve your credit score while keeping monthly costs low.

  • Locate a bad credit car dealer who will work with you: This may sound obvious, but finding a dealership that’s willing to negotiate on prices and fees can really give you an edge when dealing with bad credit.

  • Apply for other loans as well: It’s always easier to secure a loan once you already have another one in place, whether it’s another car loan or personal debt.

  • Try to put money aside for a down payment: There are lots of creative ways to come up with cash for your down payment.

  • Be honest about how much money you have available.

  • Consider renting before making a purchase: Renting can be a good way to test drive cars before making an investment.

  • Conduct preliminary research: Figure out what kind of car you want ahead of time.

  • Examine your credit report: Mistakes on your report could hinder your ability to qualify for financing.

8. How to make car finance work for you even if you have bad credit in New Zealand?

Investigate dealers who can assist you in understanding your financing options; they may also be able to negotiate any fees associated with bad credit loans.

Asking them questions about how much they can do is always a good way to find out what their limits are. And if they’re unable to help, there are other agencies that you can go through.

They may not be able to offer as many different types of financing, but they might have some advice for you or tell you which banks might be willing to work with your situation. In addition, there are several websites that offer car financing for bad credit.

You should still try to get pre-approved by a dealer before buying anything online so that you know exactly what it is going to cost and whether or not it makes sense for you financially.

9. 3 car dealers for bad credit in New Zealand that offer finance

For those in New Zealand looking for car finance, here are three car dealers for bad credit in New Zealand that offer finance. These dealers have a good reputation and offer fair interest rates. Please note that it is advisable to contact more than one dealer to get a comprehensive view of your options for bad credit car loans.

  • The Enterprise Motor Group was established way back in 1987 and has grown throughout NZ. It is known for offering some of the best bad credit car loans. Their branch network gives you quick access to your car as well as expert advice from friendly advisors who can help you understand all your options. The Enterprise Motor Group offers a range of new and used cars, so whatever your needs are, there will be a vehicle available to suit you.

  • Another popular dealer that offers bad credit car loans is the XposureMotors which is growing fast and they have become one of the most trusted dealerships in NZ, offering some of the best deals on car loans for bad credit, as well as excellent service and advice to help you make an informed decision.

  • Dave Allen Motors is one of NZ’s most reliable and respected brands. With years of experience behind them, they can be trusted to offer some of the best bad credit car dealers in New Zealand. They sell a range of both new and used cars that are competitively priced, so you get a great deal on your purchase no matter you have a bad credit score.


Finally, having bad credit is no longer a barrier to getting car finance in New Zealand. With more and more providers now offering loans to even people with bad credit history, applying for a loan is easier than ever. Don’t let poor credit history get you down; there are many finance options that can get you back on track. Remember if you don’t have a good credit score, make sure your application includes details of any steps you have taken to improve your rating by paying off outstanding debts or taking out a secured loan. We hope this article helped you. Good luck!

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