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Personal loans was developed to help kiwis get personal loans in New Zealand. Over the past 10 years we have helped 1000’s of kiwis get personal loans with some of the best rates and lowest fees. 

What We're All About

Personal Loans team helps connect kiwis with the some of the best lenders in New Zealand. Our team gathers all the information through our loan review form and help kiwis find the perfect lender for their personal loan needs. 

Personal Loans Team

Thanks for using Personal loans .co.nz to find the best loan company for your Needs. We are constantly adding new and trusted finance companies to our database to support local kiwis like you get a loan. We  believe everybody will need a loan one day and we want to be there to help. 

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Our Vision

Who We Are

"Its impossible to go through life without needing a loan"

Here at personal loans we help connect kiwis looking for loans with some of the best lenders in New Zealand. We have built special relationship with some of the top loan companies in New Zealand who offer some of the best interest rates and fees. 

We have dedicated team who love finding ways to get the best deals when it comes to Personal loans in New Zealand. Through research and customer feedback we have sourced out some of the top lenders including but limited to banks, finance companies, private lenders and much more. Our business model only works when we are successful in connecting the borrows to the right lenders. So you can say our success depends on you getting a loan. We put in all of our efforts in helping our clients find the best type of loan from the best loan company. Try us out and see for yourself 

Our Mission

To connect well informed local kiwis with some of the best personal finance companies in New Zealand.

Core Values

We believe everybody is entitled to independent and unbiased loan information In NZ


Provide more free information so that kiwis have better knowlodge when it comes to getting a loan in NZ